Portable Waterjet Cutting Machine

  Due to the large size and weight of traditional sprinkler equipment, it cannot be moved quickly to adapt to different environmental demands. The concept was developed and the Portable Waterjet series was developed. Like normal gas cutting equipment, two people can collaborate and move quickly to the workplace. , and can be cut quickly, for example, it can be loaded in emergency vehicles for high-speed first aid, instead of ordinary tools such as gas cutting, it can achieve low temperature and no danger to accident vehicles.

  1,Safe water spray

  Because previous waterjet work was ultra-high pressure, it could not be used in hazardous industrial applications. It cannot be used for hazardous operations when the water pressure is too high, with a threshold of 237.6MP water pressure. The safety sprinkler developed by Ji Xingang, a water spray expert, came into being, and developed a hydraulic sprinkler with a working pressure of 25~50MP. It can be used to handle hazardous materials for public explosions, firefighting and rescue by armed police, and firefighting through walls. There are mine safety water cutting equipment suitable for coal mines, explosion-proof safe water cutting equipment for chemical industry and petroleum systems. Pipeline safe water cutting equipment.

  Portable safe water jetting solves this long-standing historical problem. Using water as the medium, there will be no high temperature, open flame and static electricity during the working process, thus eliminating the possibility of danger.

  2,coal mine

 As we all know, there are a lot of flammable and explosive gases in the underground tunnels of coal mines, and underground operations are generally strictly prohibited. When maintenance is absolutely required, it is necessary to stop the operation and simulate the above-ground environment. This process is cumbersome and complicated. It not only consumes manpower and material resources, stops work and reduces production, but also has a certain degree of danger. The portable safety water jet developed by Ji Xingang does not need to stop working or simulate the ground environment, thus completely avoiding the danger.

 3,Dangerous Goods Handling

 Hazardous items such as remnants of war and expired ammunition are stored in various locations. They are usually destroyed by explosions, but they require an open field of vision with the same principle, and the toxic and harmful gases produced during the destruction process cause great harm to the environment. Jixingang's portable safety sprinklers can not only safely destroy a variety of hazardous materials, but also recycle the destroyed materials. It completely solves the problem of danger, on-site and environmental protection.