The benefits of water cutting and process metal

The advantages of water cutting are not only obvious , but also recognized by more and more enterprises. As a kind of cold cutting process, it has many advantages that other cutting technologies can't do. Because of this, you can do many things with water cutting, one of which is metal processing.


1. Advantages of water cutting as a cold cutting process


In this case, when water cutting, it needs the high-energy jet of non heat source to process the materials. Compared with the heat source energy, it can not only better control, but also effectively avoid the deformation of processed materials caused by too high heat source, which helps to ensure the cutting quality.


2. Cutting metal by water can reduce costs


This is a very excellent technology. When cutting metal, the force generated by both horizontal and vertical is very small, which can reduce the setting time and the cost of using clamping tools. Moreover, due to the fine incision of water cutting and no burr of metal, it not only shortens the manufacturing time of workpiece, but also reduces the waste of materials, thus directly reducing the manufacturing cost.


3. Water cutting metal can increase production capacity


Since water cutting has no restriction on the cutting direction, it can complete various cutting shapes, and can be flexibly adjusted according to the material and processing requirements of the workpiece, so as to improve the production efficiency. At the same time, the production capacity of the enterprise has also increased significantly.


In addition, when water cutting processing metal, it does not need cumbersome process, and the workpiece can be completed at one time without secondary processing, which can provide great convenience for users.