Waterjet abrasive and waterjet nozzle are common consumables

The "water jet" is not only used to shape the original metal cutting technology, but also can not be used to replace the original metal cutting technology. When cutting hard materials, the speed of pure water jet cutting is still not ideal, which is also the basis of the initial development of abrasive water jet technology. Pure water cutting, It is to simply use the power of water to achieve the purpose of cutting. Its essence is to pass water through a very small sand pipe cutter head through high pressure. Only a very small water jet can cut different patterns, and the material loss during cutting is also very small. This kind of water jet is widely used. It can cut materials with different thickness and materials quickly, and has strong practicability. In fact, the key of this water jet is its head. In the whole process of cutting, only a small gem can complete the task perfectly. High pressure water changes pressure into velocity as it passes through the gem hole. This method is applicable to thin, soft materials and food grade materials. For example, paper products, compacted materials, plastics, foam plastics, textiles or food.

For abrasive waterjet cuttingcompared with water abrasive , the price of waterjet nozzle is much higher. Normally, the service life of waterjet nozzle with similar quality is about 200 hours, but its service life is often lower than this value due to several reasons in use. We use water jet cutting. On the one hand, we hope to achieve the purpose of cutting, but the cutting effect must also be good. For cutting metal, it must be lubricated vertically, and for cutting glass tiles, there can be no edge explosion and edge collapse. This has a lot to do with the hardness of pomegranate sand. If the hardness cannot be reached, not only the cutting is slow, but also the effect is poor. For example, the workload of using better pomegranate sand as waterjet abrasive may be completed in one day, and the use of other needs will take one and a half days or even two days. The whole labor cost, water and electricity cost, freight and so on will come up.

Unclean water abrasive is easy to produce sand pipe plug. During the application of water cut abrsive  with large dust content,  When it is sent to the waterjet nozzle through the sand delivery pipe, it is often easy to show the phenomenon of plug. If the water cannot come out, it will shrink and even leak at the beginning of the sand delivery pipe. At this time, it is necessary to stop the liquidation. First of all, the normal stop of cutting operation is delayed. If the soil cannot be cleared, the sand pipe will be scrapped. A ton of abrasive is only a few hundred yuan, while a piece of sand is a few hundred yuan cheaper and a good one is thousands. It is a pity that it is scrapped because the soil cannot be cleared.

The mixing of water and abrasive further enhances its cutting ability. The supersonic water arrow can achieve the ideal effect when cutting the material surface. In addition, in order to better reduce the cost, the water cutting technology can effectively reduce the cost and create greater profits.