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What Is A Cutting Model


Some waterjets think about cutting models that square measure designed into the CAD/CAM or nesting code. In such cases, the half tolerance and overall cutting time can vary once victimisation totally different CAD/CAM programs or nesting code to program the tool path. The VA cutting model, however, is constructed right into the machine controller. this suggests that notwithstanding what CAD/CAM or nesting code you employ to program the tool path on your VA waterjet, your half are going to be cut with identical high tolerance and within the same quantity of your time anytime. And since the VA fourth generation cutting model is that the most advanced abrasive waterjet cutting model within the world, in most cases cutting on the VA can lead to a lot of correct components in less time than once cutting on different waterjets.

Early versions of waterjets needed tons of trial and error and a talented technologist to regulate the jet motion to provide correct components. Now, advanced waterjets use cutting models that mechanically predict the behavior of the airstream and build changes to make amends for that behavior.  With VA waterjets, a machine operator merely enters the fabric sort, thickness and desired edge quality, and for the given half file, the VA machine controller mechanically determines and sets the best speed and path the cutting head can move on to chop a high tolerance half within the least of your time. There’s no trial and error and no want for a talented technologist as a result of all the expertise and data is constructed into the controller.

Some waterjet makers haven't any cutting model and no automation for setting the best cutting speeds. different makers think about knowledge printed by universities and different public sources to create their cutting models. At VA, we've got associate in-house team researching, developing and ceaselessly up our cutting model, sanctionative our customers to chop complicated components with tight tolerances within the least of your time. The image with this text visually demonstrates what proportion the cutting model affects cutting time. every of the gears within the image were cut on identical machine, from identical material, with identical power unit pump, within the same quantity of your time. you'll be able to see however the third generation (G3) cutting model cut quite the 2d generation (G2) within the same quantity of your time, and also the fourth generation (G4) cutting model cut considerably quite the third generation.

The abrasive waterjet cutting model is, perhaps, the foremost important consider dynamic abrasive waterjets into thought producing. Advancements within the VA cutting model have small half production times, inflated cutting preciseness, and created VA abrasive waterjets terribly simple to program. Yet, there’s not abundant discussion concerning what a cutting model is, or what it will. this is often most likely thanks to the actual fact that it’s “behind the scenes” associated isn’t one thing an VA waterjet operator has to perceive, or maybe comprehend.

The cutting model uses refined mathematical modeling to predict the precise motion and form of the airstream on every entity of a tool path supported the operative parameters. The cutter on associate abrasive waterjet may be a high-speed stream of water and abrasive, called the airstream. not like rigid cutters, like a tool on a CNC mill, the airstream may be a “floppy” tool that bends because it cuts, and also the form of the stream changes reckoning on how briskly it’s stirred. this suggests that a waterjet can tend to undercut corners and swing wide on curves if it’s stirred sort of a ancient, rigid cutting tool. The airstream can react otherwise once cutting totally different material sorts, {different|totally totally different|completely different} thicknesses and at different speeds. so as to provide preciseness components in an exceedingly cost-effective manner, motion system should make amends for the behavior of the airstream.