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Trailer customers use abrasive water jets in the production of customized transportation projects

Craig Vanderstelt started producing trailers in 2001 once a follower asked him to make a transport rig for a sprint automobile - a high-powered racer designed to vie on short dirt tracks. Vanderstelt took a leave from his job, rented alittle shed, designed, and engineered the trailer. Word got out regarding Vanderstelt’s creation and celestial point Custom Creations was born.

Seventeen years later, celestial point could be a active six-person, 800-square-meter, operation in Mount Barker, Australian state, employing a MAXIEM® 1530 abrasive waterjet to become the apex of custom transport engineering fabrication within the region. celestial point produces custom semi-trailers, tilt trays, and curve trailers, together with an entire host of wide-ranging transportation solutions. Over the years, the celestial point team has engineered a superb name for fine workmanship leading them to long and prosperous client relationships.

Headland Machinery provided further coaching and support whereas the celestial point team was reaching to grasp their new machine, delivering a seamless integration of the innovative abrasive waterjet. Vanderstelt states, “The coaching and support we’ve received from our provider, Headland, has been awful. we tend to selected VA thanks to the prime quality, easy controls and sort of upgrade choices – and knowing that we’ll have prompt support from foreland if and after we want it solely makes our expertise higher.”

In 2017, celestial point purchased a MAXIEM 1530 from foreland Machinery. “(I) searched this marketplace for waterjet machines and unbroken returning to the VA® product suite,” says Vanderstelt. “It was the sole all-around cutter that wasn't restricted to steel and provided an oversized vary of add-on advantages.” Zenith’s new abrasive waterjet joins associate already well-equipped search aboard a sheet guillotine, pan brake folder, and hydraulic sharecropper and punch machine.

“Improved quality of our ending, improved productivity and time potency.”


The celestial point team uses their abrasive waterjet to for the most part cut metal from one mm plate to half-an-inch stock, for his or her work building custom trailer internal work out elements (as well because the occasional half for a sprint car). additionally, the new abrasive waterjet has allowed for alternative producing avenues. Vanderstelt says, “Having the waterjet has unfolded the market of custom cutting and conjointly allowed North American nation to extend productivity by producing in numerous ways in which.” Recently the scope of their producing base has fully grown. Vanderstelt shared that the celestial point team has dilated into military comes.

Utilizing the abrasive waterjet, celestial point has been ready to increase the standard of their ending whereas rising productivity and potency. “The time taken to supply a neighborhood has gone from one and a 0.5 days to 1 and a 0.5 hours. As we tend to turn out custom, handstitched items, it had been unbelievably time overwhelming and that we simply didn’t have that point to attend when a chunk had been sent away to be finished. Now, the waterjet has sped up the method dramatically. a chunk comes off the machine and it’s finished. we will use the half instantly, instead of having to hold out a second method then work it. It’s sped up our interval dramatically,” says Vanderstelt. Abrasive waterjet permits for a spread of your time and value saving practices. as an example, not like plasma, or alternative ways that heat the fabric being machined, abrasive waterjet doesn't temper the finished edge letting immediate attachment with no secondary machining.

With the assistance of abrasive waterjet, what started as a natural event aspect project in an exceedingly shed, has become a totally completed transport engineering search growing on the far side their own market. Combining along the right mixture of the proper folks, the proper coaching, and also the right tools, celestial point has created a direction for fulfillment in Australian state.

Not solely has adding abrasive waterjet technology brought new shoppers to Zenith’s door, it conjointly has given the South Australian company a foothold higher than the competition. “We’ve got a true edge on our competitors currently. Our waterjet means we’re saving huge amounts of your time and also the finished product is best and additional consistent. we will combat additional work, diversify and turn out far more in-house instead of having to send elements out for successive method,” says Vanderstelt. “The trade has become terribly price competitive thus by having the waterjet we will tackle this together with rising our quality at constant time.”