It is recommended to use servo drive system for water jet cutting machine

The drive system is the power source of the water jet cutting machine and will directly affect the cutting capacity of the equipment. At present, most of the water cutting machines use the drive system based on the servo drive system. Of course, some equipment will use the stepping drive system. What kind of drive system is good for water jet cutting machine? 

For the water jet cutting machine, there are obvious differences between the servo drive system and the stepping drive system, which will be reflected in the control accuracy first. As the stepping motor is an executive element in the digital control system, it can convert the pulse electric signal into the corresponding angular displacement, and the angular displacement is proportional to the number of pulses, and the rotation speed is proportional to the pulse frequency, so that it can adjust the speed by changing the pulse frequency in a wide range.

The servo motor is an executive file that quickly converts the control electric signal into the rotation of the rotating shaft. If the control electric signal is applied to the motor, the servo motor will immediately drive the load to rotate at a certain speed. It can be seen that its control accuracy is controlled by the rotary encoder at the rear end of the motor shaft, so it is much higher than the control accuracy of the stepping motor.

Secondly, the low-frequency characteristics and torque frequency characteristics of the two driving systems are also different. From the working principle of the stepping motor, its low-frequency vibration phenomenon is very unfavorable to the normal operation of the water jet cutting machine. But the AC servo motor does not have such a problem, which can improve the stability of the water jet cutting machine.

In addition, since the stepping motor does not have overload capacity, and the AC servo motor has strong overload capacity, it is still recommended to use the servo drive system on the water jet cutting machine, which can be used to overcome the inertia moment of the inertia load at the moment of startup.