Configuration of water jet cutter

The cutting table and intensifier pump are integral parts of the ultrahigh pressure water jet cutter, so you should be more careful about the design and selection of these two parts. If there is a deviation, it will affect the workability of the cutter and cannot complete various cutting tasks.

The movable gantry structure of the cutting table commonly used by the ultra-high pressure water jet cutter is mainly composed of left and right base frames and beams, table top frames and rotating clamps, driving elements, transmission systems, guide rails, protective covers, etc. The left and right bases are frame structures, which have good stress conditions, good bending resistance and seismic resistance; The beam is a box structure, with both ends supported on the guide rail and moving along the guide rail to fix the nozzle, adjust the target distance, control the plane movement of the nozzle, etc.

The ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine uses the servo motor as the driving component, which can not only execute the motion command well, but also belongs to the closed-loop control, so it will not lose step. Input pulse synchronization at the same time of servo motor, so only the number, frequency and direction of input pulse need to be controlled to obtain the required angle, speed and direction of rotation.

When selecting the servo motor for the ultra-high pressure water jet cutter, on the one hand, the output torque of the motor should be greater than the load torque, and a certain margin should be left, otherwise the motor cannot drive the load; On the other hand, the transmission inertia of the motor should match with the load transmission inertia and the transmission inertia of the transmission system, and a certain margin should be left.

In addition, the static torque of the motor is greater than the pneumatic torque. The rated torque is greater than the continuous working torque of the motor, and a certain margin shall be reserved. As the servo motor of the ultra-high pressure water jet cutter, its step angle matches with the transmission system to obtain the required pulse equivalent.

As for the high-pressure system of the ultra-high pressure water jet cutter, the intensifier pump is often used. Its pressure can be as high as 400MPa, and its stable working range is not less than 350MPa, which can meet almost all application requirements.