Requirements for setting of water jet cutter

In order to make the ultra-high pressure water jet cutter achieve the ideal operation effect, first of all, before installation, it is necessary to determine the installation position of the equipment according to the site layout and foundation installation drawing; Then install the tunnel cutter in the order from entering the processing to the finished product.

In this process, it should be noted that after each component of the water jet cutter is installed in place, it should be adjusted to a preliminary qualified state before the next step of installation. After the installation of the whole water jet cutter, the relative position should be adjusted. The basic requirements are that there is a certain distance between the operating platform and the cutting platform, and the air pressure booster and the sand feeder are in the same phase.

After installation and adjustment, make the water jet cutter run without load for a period of time, and observe whether the equipment runs smoothly without swinging and abnormal noise. At the same time, check the fastening state of the cutter head of the water jet cutter to prevent damage to materials due to loosening.

In the water jet cutter, a specially designed control system for the process is also used to ensure that the system can use the controller to reduce or increase the water pressure; At the same time, check the vacuum auxiliary device or other technologies to improve the cutting efficiency and accuracy.

Not only that, the CNC system in the water jet cutter can also simulate the path processing, automatically control cutting and cutting, and accurately calculate the cutting time; The software limit of each axis can also be set to protect the gun head from exceeding the travel range. As the CNC system of water jet cutting machine, it must meet the requirements of both computer and hardware, and on this basis, the above purpose can be achieved.