IRB 8700 heavy payload robot has arrived at WIN WIN


The ABB IRB 8700 robot purchased by an Argentine customer has arrived at the WINWIN factory. ABB engineers came to our factory to guide the work. WINWIN has in-depth cooperation with ABB, and we can bring lower prices and better services.


The IRB 8700 is ABB’s 8th generation of heavy-duty, high-performance industrial robots. ABB IRB 8700 robot have High payloads up to 1000 kg with the wrist down

Highly reliable with simplified design and Foundry Plus 2 protection standard

Built around LeanID for reduced wear on dress packs and ease of simulation. 

ABB IRB 8700 can significantly improve customer efficiency while saving customers costs, giving them a competitive advantage by providing faster turnaround times, enhanced flexibility and increased productivity.


With a compact footprint, optimized counterweight, parallel linkages, stiff axes, and fewer drive motors, the IRB 8700 keeps its momentum down and speed up. In fact, all of these improvements add up to a robot that is 25 % faster than any other robot in its size class. In addition, thanks to superior motion control at high moments of inertia (725 kgm2) the robot can adapt, or slow its speed, to accommodate heavy and wide parts.


With a straightforward and uncomplicated design that uses world-class components, LeanID for the best cost-to-endurance ratio in a dress pack, and ABB’s Foundry Plus 2 as standard protection, the IRB 8700 will run with very high uptime—a key feature in production lines that operate around the clock.The IRB 8700 has only one motor and one gear per robot axis. Fewer components to fail while delivering shorter cycle times and higher accuracy.


We are a trustworthy partner. WINWIN have focused on customer service and product quality. WINWIN has a 100,000psi ultra-high pressure water jet pump. We have an independent R&D team to continuously provide innovative solutions. At the same time, WINWIN can provide one-year after-sales and maintenance services.