Application of water jet cutting in metal processing

With the maturity of products and the expansion of application, the ultra-high pressure CNC water jet cutting machine (water jet cutter) has gradually entered a growth period, which is due to the development of the machinery industry. Relying on the digital leveling with higher precision, we can use the water jet  cutter for fine processing and expand the application scope of water jet cutting to the wider field of metal processing in the industry, rather than just the processing of glass, ceramics, stone and other materials.

With the progress of people's understanding of water jet cutting technology, the market has gradually realized the unique advantages of water jet  cutting technology in the metal cutting industry. Taking laser cutting as an example, the speed and accuracy of laser cutting in sheet metal cutting are better than that of water cutting, but generally speaking, it is difficult for laser to cut 16mm sheet metal (especially Non ferrous metals). In addition, there is still a certain heat affected area beside the store of laser cutting materials. The thickness of metal materials cut by the water jet can generally reach more than 50mm, and has no influence on the materials. The finish of metal cut can reach 1.6m, and the cutting accuracy can reach 0.10m. It can be cut by precision forming. In addition, water jet cutting is unique in the cutting of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, without reflective effect and edge loss. In addition, the water jet does not follow the cutting materials. Based on these factors, users who choose light counting or other cutting methods for multiple periods turn to water cutting. Because the CNC platform of "water jet" adopts the precision transmission technology of hair bead and deep moving straight line, the control accuracy is within + 0.02mm. At the same time, the focusing performance of the nozzle and cutting head of sanding water jet and the technological breakthrough of long-life nozzle materials, coupled with the continuous and stable operation of our 400MPa high-power ultra-high pressure system, the fully automatic sand supply, abrasive control and high-pressure water start shall be used with CNC technologyAnd automatic processing.

Stop the control system, so that the "water knife" can cut continuously for 24 hoursIn the metal cutting industry, the pursuit of high-quality and efficient direct forming processing is the main trend in the worldThe development trend of "water jet cutting machine" aims at this demand and continues to innovate in relevant technical applications:With the emergence of technologies including precision ball screw, servo motor and resonant reduction unit, the machine tool can achieve. With higher position accuracy, reverse clearance compensation and the improvement of repeated positioning accuracy, machine tool manufacturers will be more competitive.

The energy is put into the cause analysis of the geometric error of the machine tool, through the use of ball rod measuring instrument and laser interferometer. Such high-precision measuring instruments detect the accuracy of the machine tool and establish an error mapping table to correct the accuracy.

Build high-precision machine tools. Selection, manufacturing process and quality inspection of NC machine tool parts and components.It is the guarantee to improve the accuracy and stability of CNC machine tools."The water jet cutter also has powerful computer aided design and control functions, especially when cutting corners and sharp corners.Dynamic deceleration makes the cutting surface smooth and smooth. 

Cutting is a common operation method that needs to be used in almost all production and processing links in industrial fields. In order to improve the cutting speed, efficiency and scope of application, manufacturers in relevant industries began to carry out continuous technological innovation. Water cutting machine is one of the cutting equipment with relatively good comprehensive performance. Specifically, what are the advantages of water cutting machines sold on the market?

What are the advantages of water jet cutting machine

 1A wide range of materials are cut

Because the unique performance of water jet cutting machine is to use high-pressure water flow as a tool to divide and process materials, it can not only cut some thick and hard materials, but also easily process some soft materials. It can be said that from leather rubber to marble metal, these materials are covered in the scope of cutting materials of water jet cutting machine.

 2The cutting effect is better

For those materials processed by water jet cutting machine, the cut is very smooth and there are few rough burrs. In addition, there will be no thermal effect, so there will be no unnecessary deformation or small slit in the middle of the material. This better cutting effect than other cutting machines has resulted in the large market demand of water cutting machines.

 3Faster cutting speed

 Water jet cutting machines are equipped with professional cutting systems, so they only need to set the required graphics in advance, and the advantage of water cutting machines over other cutting equipment is that they do not need to replace cutting tools of different sizes and types, so using this equipment can achieve faster cutting speed, so as to improve the work efficiency and production quality of the factory.

 Generally speaking, the reliable water jet cutting machine has many unique advantages, and the main advantages are concentrated in three aspects. Generally speaking, the water jet cutting machine with good quality can cut many kinds of materials, and the cutting effect is also very good. At the same time, the cutting speed is faster because it does not need to constantly change the cutting tools according to different cutting materials.