Maintenance of waterjet cutting machine

The waterjet cutting machine needs to be maintained within a certain range of work, so that the number of equipment maintenance can be reduced without affecting daily production.

1. Water jet cutting machine is also a kind of CNC cutting machine. Although it is relatively intelligent, it will be dangerous if it is not operated according to the correct operation specifications of water jet cutting machine. Therefore, when using, we must know the correct operation process.

2. Pay attention to whether the NC program is correct or not, and set the program in advance. Only by programming the water jet cutter in advance, can the water jet cutter operate according to the simulated track, quickly locate and cut accurately when cutting materials, and improve the working efficiency of the cutter.

3. Pay attention to adjust the water pressure and oil pressure. Check whether the water pressure and oil pressure have opened the valve and whether the position is accurate before the water jet cutter works. Of course, check regularly during the operation of the water jet cutter, because it is related to the lubrication and cooling of the cutting tool of the water jet cutter. Only proper and correct water pressure can better cool the water knife cutting machine and materials at the same time.

4. Regularly check the wear of accessories. The accessories of each machine will be worn to varying degrees within a certain period of time, so we should regularly check the accessories of the machine and replace them according to the situation. For the accessories of water jet cutting machine, we should also regularly check their wear and replace them in time.


When the waterjet cutting machine breaks down, it must be shut down for maintenance. During routine maintenance, the faulty parts or seriously worn parts shall also be replaced or repaired in time. For long-term operation equipment, when there is no fault, regular maintenance maintenance shall also be carried out. Regular maintenance must be carried out by professional technicians according to the specified operating procedures. The purpose of troubleshooting is to eliminate specific faults. The maintenance during daily maintenance is only for the simple replacement or maintenance of some specific parts, such as the replacement of sealing gasket and O-ring, the grinding and replacement of each control valve core and valve seat, etc. The regular maintenance and repair is mainly for the comprehensive inspection and repair of the host, commonly known as overhaul. Generally, it is conducted once a year or according to the requirements of the product operation manual according to the use situation. Maintenance is generally divided into inspection, disassembly, replacement, maintenance, assembly and commissioning steps. Before maintenance, you should know the current situation of the equipment, such as what faults have occurred in the operation of the equipment, what parts have been replaced, and how the current operation condition is. The first step is to disassemble while checking, from the thread surface, mating surface, sealing surface to the moving pair. The disassembled parts shall be placed neatly, and the parts to be replaced or repaired shall be marked and recorded, and finally replaced and repaired uniformly. Sharpen the knife without mistaking the woodcutter, and ensure the good use of the machine, so as to bring greater benefits.

In water jet machining, water jet cutting technology is a relatively ideal cutting technology, but when using water jet, the maintenance of water jet and the replacement of accessories are also one of the problems that must be faced. In order to ensure the efficiency and quality of water jet cutting, many problems should be considered in the selection of water jet cutting accessories. Accordingly, there are many factors, such as efficiency, machining accuracy, stability, price and so on.

The improvement of the processing efficiency of one part needs to adapt to the efficiency of other parts, and the improvement of the efficiency of one process needs to adapt to the efficiency of other processes. If we ignore these constraints and blindly pursue efficiency, it will have a negative effect, as will the water jet. The proportion of water jet parts in the manufacturing cost of workpiece cutting is not very high, usually between 2% ~ 4%, but the influence of water jet parts on processing efficiency is very huge. The analysis shows that, on the premise of no change in the performance of water knife accessories, reducing the purchase price by 30% or prolonging the service life of water knife accessories by 50%, the reduction of processing cost is not large, because the cost of water knife accessories only accounts for a small proportion of the total manufacturing cost.

However, if the processing parameters of water jet parts can be increased by 20%, the manufacturing cost can be significantly reduced, especially the cutting speed of water jet. Although the cost may be increased, the total cost will still be greatly reduced due to the shortening of processing cycle.We have been committed to providing customers with high-end and high-quality spare parts to meet customers' needs.


Water jet spare parts are very important for water jet cutting machine. Water jet spare parts will be worn during long-term use. If some corresponding maintenance work is not carried out, the service life of water jet parts will be greatly reduced and the subsequent use will also be seriously affected. In order to make the waterjet accessories play its role better, we need to maintain the waterjet accessories accordingly, so how to operate it? Now let's invite relevant experts to introduce it to you.

1.The surface of the water jet spare parts should be protected from wear: in the process of using the water jet knife accessories, the place that needs more attention is to prevent the water jet spare parts from being worn to varying degrees. Wear is an inevitable thing in the process of use. As long as the water jet spare parts are used, the parts will be worn to a certain extent. The service life of the water jet spare parts can be guaranteed through maintenance. When installing the water jet spare parts, you can touch the oil on spare parts to make it easier to slide.

2.When installing water jet spare parts, wipe alcohol: when installing water jet spare parts, wipe alcohol for maintenance, which most people don't understand. Alcohol only plays the role of disinfection, and alcohol can also play the role of maintenance, which can improve work efficiency for the use of water jet spare parts in the future.

 3.Keep the water jet accessories Clean: keeping the water jet accessories clean is a basic condition for maintaining the water jet accessories, because in the process of using the water jet accessories, the cutting work is mainly carried out through the water flow, so the water jet accessories are constantly washed by the water flow, so it is necessary to ensure their cleanliness.