Features of waterjet cutting machine

With the continuous update of technology, the high-tech technology has been strengthened to drive various curves in high-pressure water cutting, which protects the advantages of stable performance and fast cutting efficiency in CNC high-pressure cutting. Reduce the environmental pollution caused by the metal of the steel.

  1. Technology to improve the efficiency and stability of mechanical processing: The technology of waterjet processing can surpass the trend of high stability in easy modeling and cutting, and has become a fine and high function of carving in various lines of construction or in product craftsmanship, which protects the easy Highly efficient process during operation.

  2. The dynamic stability of arbitrary cutting materials: According to the process processing at various angles, the deformation of various composite materials is reduced during the manufacturing process, and the cutting stability and stability in the high-efficiency process are improved. High-pressure circulation and high-efficiency technical functions,

  For the cutting and grinding technology of different materials, it can strengthen the advantages of exquisite and high performance in the processing of various finished products. For the technology that uses high-temperature technical impact, it can meet the requirements of stable and unfavorable cutting efficiency in various finished products. A condition where the material is severely damaged.


  The first point: low cost: water cutting is based on the processing technology of manual processing in the use of various ceramic furniture, which satisfies the fine shape in various angles and the phenomenon of friction damage is not suitable, and enriches the safety technology Use stable functions in cutting.

   The second point: Convenience and efficiency: For the cutting technology of different energy sources, the function of high-pressure circulation efficiency and stability in the laser cutting process has been strengthened, and the pollution of garbage particles caused by the precise cutting process has been improved.

   The third point: safety and environmental protection: through the technology of energized laser high-pressure water cutting processing, it can improve the process of saving materials in the safe and environmentally friendly technology and meeting the high-pressure impact of arbitrary cutting of items, which improves the occurrence Unstable phenomenon,