1.5” Fittings and Tubing - Up to 15,000 psi

1.5” Fittings and Tubing - Up to 15,000 psi

If you’ve ever worked with high pressure fluids you know that with high pressure thick-walled tubing, the increased wall

thickness takes away flow area (tubing maintains the O.D.).

So when flow is critical to your process as with Nitrogen Injection, it isn’t unusual to see dual (or even triple) tubing runs

to meet pressure and flow requirements. Not any more…

increase production while saving you money. We are happy to announce the availability of our NEW Medium Pressure 1½” Fittings

and Tubing that are designed for working pressures up to 15,000

psi (1,034 bar).

With one run using this size tubing (flow area = 0.69 in2), you have

nearly the same flow area as two 1” (combined area = 0.74 in2)

tubing runs while maintaining the same system pressure with less

opportunity to leak… at a lower cost to install.

For specifications and ordering information please consult out “Medium Pressure Fittings and Tubing” brochure in our

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