The advantage of Waterjet cutting technology

Waterjet cutting technology is one of the fastest growing major machine tools in the world due to its versatility and ease of operation. Adding waterjet cutting equipment to your facility has many benefits.


Versatility is the most precious part of water jet cutting. The water jet can be used for metal, composite materials, stone tiles, food, glass, paper products, laminated materials, bevel cutting, etc. The abrasive water jet cutting can cut materials with a thickness from 1mm to 100mm or more, no matter the processing volume is large or small. . Whether cutting the same parts every day or changing materials according to customer needs.

No matter what kind of cutting process is performed, water jet cutting machine is the top processing machine. Why? In addition to the multi-functional characteristics, water jet cutting technology has three major advantages.


1. The cold cutting process will not cause heat or stress to the cut material.


2. The cutting surface and edges are as smooth as satin, and the parts can be produced directly without secondary processing.


3. The cutting seam is small, the cutting seam is narrow, the precision is high, and almost any material can be cut at the same time, which will bring you more business opportunities.


The mainstream application industries of water jet cutting technology: aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, transportation, agriculture, construction, art decoration, etc.