What is a waterjet cutter

Water jet is commonly used cutting machine in our daily operations. Especially with the continuous development of the economy, many products need to be cut, such as wear-resistant plates, composite plates, glass processing, etc. Because of the many advantages of waterjet cutting machine, more and more people are using waterjet cutter for their daily operations. Traditional cutting technology can no longer meet the needs of production. Let us appreciate the charm of water jet.

1. Introduction to water jet cutting types

Generally speaking, there are three types of water jet cutting that we commonly use, namely, the water jet cutting method of high-pressure pump, CNC cutting platform and the cutting method of control system. The cutting effect of these three cutting methods is different, and the natural effect is also different. Select the operation mode according to the actual situation.

2. Analysis of water jet cutting effect

Water jet cutting is super irreplaceable due to its outstanding advantages. It uses general water as the transmission medium, and will not produce any dust and harmful substances during the cutting process. Green and environmentally friendly, it is a good choice for cutting methods; water jet cutting is widely used, has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency and fast operation speed, and is favored by many users. It is very convenient to operate and the price of the water jet cutter machine is very reasonable.