The standard of abrasive nozzle in water jet

Water jet cutter is involved in different industries and manufacturers, and its cutting operation has many advantages. In addition to automatic control system and high-pressure water jet, abrasive nozzle is also one of the indispensable accessories of water jet cutter. In order to give full play to the effective performance of the equipment, the use of abraisve nozzle should be introduced in detail.

As a part of the water jet cutter, abrasive nozzle should match the whole equipment, so a comprehensive inspection should be carried out before installation to ensure that there is no problem before installation. Then we need to debug this. If there is no water column and no scattering phenomenon, it means that abrasive nozzle and the equipment are quite matched and can be used with confidence.

The selected inner diameter of the nozzle tube should be in good proportion to the inner diameter of the gem nozzle of the water jet cutter. If it exceeds the standard range, it may have adverse effects. In the process of use, if the water quality is not up to the standard, it may also lead to the failure of the nozzle tube due to damage. At this time, it is not only necessary to replace the new abrasive nozzle, but also need to water the water quality used by the cutting machine. The problem of mode occurs again and again.

The importance of the abrasive nozzle to the water jet cutter has been emphasized all the time, so it is necessary to take protective measures for it. However, the nozzle is just a kind of wearing part, which increases the difficulty of its maintenance. In order to reduce the excessive wear of water jet abrasive nozzle, efforts should be made in many aspects such as raw materials, operation technology, maintenance, etc.

The water jet nozzle tube is easy to be worn when it is under high pressure, so you must be careful in the selection of its materials. Such properties as high hardness and high wear resistance must be possessed. In addition to the performance of the material, the wear form is also very critical. At present, the damage caused by sliding wear will be greater, so try to avoid it.

At the same time, we should operate according to strict specifications to eliminate various influences; In the daily use process, the inspection and maintenance of workpieces must also be strengthened. Once there are abnormal phenomena, they should be repaired or replaced in time to prevent more serious consequences.