CNC control technology of ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting

The unique feature of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting system is that it can spray and cut the high-energy water flow generated by multi-stage pressurization of ordinary water through an extremely thin ruby nozzle at a speed of nearly kilometers per second. In terms of structural form, there are many forms, such as gantry structure and cantilever structure with two to three NC axes, which are mostly used for cutting plates; A robot structure with five to six NC axes, which is mainly used to cut car interior parts and car linings.

The simple ultrahigh pressure water jet cutting system has two NC axes. CNC controls X-Y to make NC movement, and can realize direct conversion of CAD/CAM. It can truly achieve keyboard free input and no drawing processing. Any complex curve drawn in CAD can be directly cut and formed.

In addition, the cutting accuracy of the ultra-high pressure water jet cutting equipment is between 0.1mm and 0.25mm, which depends on the accuracy of the machine, the size range of the cutting workpiece, and the thickness and material of the cutting workpiece. Generally, the system positioning accuracy of the machine is 0.01mm to 0.03mm.

The abrasive used in the cutting process is quartz sand, garnet, abrasive, carborundum, etc. The particle size of the abrasive is generally 40-70 mesh. The higher the hardness of the abrasive, the larger the particle size, and the stronger the cutting ability; CNC technology has higher processing efficiency and better quality than traditional control technology.

When using CNC technology, it is necessary to use appropriate cutting fluid with the tool. The selected cutting fluid should be water-based cutting fluid with good cooling performance, which can provide machine cooling effect for ultra-high pressure water jet cutting equipment and improve cutting quality.