Water Jet Cutting Development

With the rapid development of science and technology, people are constantly inspired by natural phenomena. We all know the story of water dripping wears away the stone. High-pressure water jet technology has turned this phenomenon into a new cutting method. Now water jet cutting technology is a new and high technology integrating automation control, material science, mechanical design and computer technology. Well it is a new material processing method.

History Of Water Technology

1950 Dr. Norman Franz has always been recognized as the father of the water jet. He was the first person to apply water to cutting. Franz places heavy objects on the water column, forcing water to flow out of a small nozzle. So it can obtain a high-pressure water jet to cut wood. It is proved that high pressure water jet has more energy to be used as cutting tool.

In 1956, the engineers of the former Soviet Union could cut hard rocks by pressurizing water to 200MPa.

In 1979, Dr. Mohamed Hashish, in order to study the method of increasing the cutting power of the water jet. He creatively added abrasive to the water after many experiments. So that the high-pressure water jet with abrasive can cut almost any object. It also marks the birth of abrasive water jet.

In 1983, a commercial abrasive water jet system was introduced in the United States. Applied to the cutting of automobile glass;

In 1996, the first domestic waterjet machine was successfully developed.

In 2003, the first robot waterjet was successfully developed.

In 2008, the first abrasive water jet cutting machine in WIN-WIN was successfully developed.

In 2010, the first Robotic waterjet in WINWIN was put into the market.

Water Jet Cutting Principle

The principle of water jet cutting is to use a certain high pressure pure water or withabrasive to shoot a liquid column with high density impact through the cutting nozzle. And directly impact the processed object for cutting.

Why it is so popular:

•Material edge is smooth, straight and free of burrs after cutting

• Because after cutting with normal temperature water, the material will not become hot due to cutting. It will affect the hardness and properties

• No need for multiple auxiliary materials, only water and abrasive

• The machine is intelligent and can be produced or proofed by inputting graphics. The operation is simple without much experience and knowledge

• Fast cutting saves time

• Waste of ordinary cutting materials, saving materials

• There are many pollutants and wastes from ordinary cutting, and the water jet cutting has less pollution in the water

• One time cutting and forming without secondary processing

cantilever type waterjet cutting machine

The Rise Of Domestic Technology

At the end of the 20th century, water jet technology entered China. Because of its cold cutting characteristics, it will not change the physical and chemical properties of materials in the cutting process. And It has also been recognized by various domestic industries. And the investment of a large number of R&D forces has also made this technology develop well in China.

waterjet cutting system with 100HP

Platform Water Jet Cutting System

The cutting system of platform type water jet cutting is mainly composed of cutting platform, CNC control systerm, intensifier pump, abrasibe system and cooling system. The intensifier pump is the core module and the source of high-pressure water jet.

The application of numerical control technology enables the water jet cutting terminal to move accurately on the platform according to the settings, and the cutting process is accurate.

With the development of technology, AC 5 axis water jet, AC 5 axis water jet and three axis water jet meet different cutting requirements.

At present, water jet cutting platform technology is widely used in architecture, ceramic cutting, stone processing, metal cutting, aviation cutting, military, petrochemical and other industries.

The platform type water jet cutting system can meet most cutting requirements, but it also has certain limitations, and is helpless for special-shaped cutting and three-dimensional cutting.

Robot water jet cutting system

Robot arm is a new type of mechanical device to improve production efficiency rising in the wave of mechanization and automation. In modern production process, manipulator is widely used in automatic production line. As a high-tech automatic production equipment, manipulator is a kind of industrial robot, which is also the most widely used industrial robot at present. It can complete various expected tasks through programming. Although the robot is a bionic human arm, which is similar to the human arm in structure, it is incomparable to the human arm in terms of uninterrupted repetitive work, excellent accuracy, environmental adaptability and huge strength. These capabilities, combined with water jet cutting technology, make water jet cutting no longer stay in the two-dimensional plane and can be used for three-dimensional cutting.

According to different needs, WIN-WIN has designed a variety of robotic water jet cutting workstations. WINWIN robot water jet cutting workstation uses multi degree of freedom robots, and can cooperate with single robot and multi robots, and can cut with pure water or abrasive. At present, we have been widely used in the cutting of  eiling, door trim panel, carpet and other automotive interiors, aerospace high-end materials, clothing and textile, glass, fiber materials, foam plastics, multi-layer composite materials and other materials. When changing the processing materials, it is only necessary to change the mold and update the cutting program to switch, which is convenient and fast.

Portable water jet cutting system

In the past, portable water jet cutting equipment was used in production lines, with fixed sites and large equipment. However, many industries that need to use water cutting urgently need new solutions due to their limitations. Portable water cutting technology came into being.

Portable water jet cutting belongs to low pressure water jet. Water cutting of common metals and other materials can be realized by pressurizing water to 25Mpa~50Mpa. It makes the application of water cutting technology more extensive.

The basic principle of the portable water jet cutting technology is that the booster pump generates high-pressure water jet. Its small volume, convenient transportation, small site requirements, and high security make it meet the different requirements of different customers for special cutting and working environment. It has obvious application effect in petrochemical pipeline cutting, dangerous goods handling, flammable and explosive materials cutting and other industries, and can easily eliminate the existing safety hazards in the cutting process.

The core of water jet cutting--intensifier pump

It is not difficult to find that in all water jet cutting systems, the intensifier pumppump is the core of water jet cutting. Without it, there will be no water jet cutting. The water is pressurized by the pump to reach a very high pressure, and then forms a high-pressure water jet through an extremely thin nozzle. After the added abrasive is accelerated by the water flow, the impact on the surface of the object to be cut will make the material peel faster. At present, WINWIN has a variety of intensifier pumps that are sold overseas, such as SL-VI 100HP pump, and provides sufficient cutting water for 6 robot arms at the same time to improve production efficiency. It has been praised by customers in practical application.