Maintenance skills of water jet cutting

As an efficient cutting machine, water jet cutting amchine has many problems, and water jet maintenance is also a subject. Those who do not master it well can not solve the problem, but may also cause new problems, which is very unfavorable for water jet. The following are the maintenance skills of the water jet cutter after some common problems occur, mainly including four aspects.

1、 Water Jet Maintenance Skill: Rational Utilization of Water

The main working medium of the water jet cutter is water, which can be fully used after the cutting work is completed to avoid waste and increase costs. However, we should remind you that the reuse of water is a prerequisite, which must be re filtered and meet the quality standards.

2、 Maintenance skill of water jet cutter: rational use of abrasive pipe

The abrasive pipe equipped on the water jet cutter has a certain service life. It can neither be replaced prematurely nor used all the time, which will affect the precision and accuracy of cutting. Since the service life of the abrasive pipe is related to many factors, such as the use method, installation skills, the type of abrasive sand and its own quality, etc., the replacement cycle can only be determined after comprehensive consideration.

3、 Master the maintenance skills of water jet cutter and equipment programming

Don't think that such a professional problem as programming must be difficult to achieve. In fact, the current water jet cutter adopts CNC control system, and its programming can be completed through NEWCAM software. In the end, it is only necessary to directly convert DXF files into cutting programs.

4、 Solution to the problem of excessive pressure in water jet maintenance

Many users are worried that a series of undesirable phenomena will occur once the pressure inside the equipment is too high, even leading to the danger of explosion. In fact, such concerns are totally unnecessary, because all high-pressure parts and components in the water jet are carefully designed. In addition, the interior of the machine is also connected with a safety hole. Even if the pressure is really too high, the pressure will be reduced safely, so that no danger will occur.