Waterjet Cutting Machine Restart Tips After Holiday

After the holiday, the waterjet cutting machine restart tips:


such as: In some cold areas, after the holiday, the customer will finds that the waterjet intensifier pump is difficult to start and cannot work normally, here are some suggestions.


1.With the coming of the holiday, after the holiday, in cold areas, which affects the normal operation of the water jet is the freezing. Therefore, we suggest that do not force the machine directly, it will easily cause to the plunger, hydraulic cylinder, seal assembly  and other waterjet spare parts.

2. One of the reasons of the waterjet cutting machine could not work is that the low-pressure water is insufficient, it may be that the low-pressure water circuit is frozen, please check the low-pressure water expression to 0.5MPa.

3. The first step:

 Check the hydraulic oil to see if the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is qualified, and observe the color at the same time, if it turns white or milky white (water enters, it is recommended that the customer replace the hydraulic oil)

4. The second step:

 Check the low-pressure water circuit to see if there is ice formation, and check whether the low-pressure water pump is running normally by hand. If it cannot run normally, it is recommended to replace the filter element.

5. The third step:

 Check the high-pressure water circuit to see if there is a frozen place or not. Such as: waterjet high-pressure pipe,waterjet  high-pressure filter element, waterjet OnOff Valve Repair Kit.

6.  The fourth step:

 Remove the waterjet tube and waterjet orifice.

7. The fifth step:

Take oil on the screw, or use an automatic lubrication system

8. The sixth step:

Reduce the speed of the machine tool and let the waterjet machine tool several times by hand.


9. The seventh step:

 Turn down the pressure of the waterjet intensifier pump, turn on/off the oil pump,  hear whether the sound is normal by 2-3times.

10.The eighth step:

 Install the waterjet orifice, turn on the low pressure mode of the oil pump about ten minutes, and it can work normally if there is no problem at about 100MPa.


★Best wishes to you in the new year, may your waterjet cutting machine use all the best.

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