Will the water jet hurt people?

The use of waterjets is becoming more and more widespread, from military industry, aviation to family food processing, all means that waterjets are no longer out of reach, and slowly waterjets will be closer to our lives. Using water as a knife, is the water jet always soft? If it is used improperly, can it hurt people?

1. Please confirm the power of the water knife

The power of the water jet is related to the pressure and steel grit. The strongest water jet can destroy gold and jade, and easily cut 30cm steel plates. Therefore, the power of water jets for different purposes is different. No matter what kind of water jet is not the ordinary body can withstand Therefore, it is necessary to keep a certain distance from the water jet and use it correctly.

2. Water jets can hurt people

The water jet can not only cut metal, soil and stone, but even meat. Some people abroad have transformed water jets into food processing machinery to process raw and cooked foods. Therefore, water jets can also hurt people. Just like metal knives, standard use can reduce the possibility of accidents.

3. Matters needing attention

3.1. If the waterjet is used, the machine should be turned off before handling the fault.

3.2. Wear masks and goggles according to the use and environment of the water jet

3.3. Flatten the cutting surface during the cutting process to avoid accidents caused by damage to the sand pipe.

3.4. The equipment should be suspended when reclaiming and changing nozzles.