What are the core spare parts of the waterjet

waterjet spare parts

  Pressurized spare parts are the core of the water jet. The super high pressure is formed by the pressurizer, and the cutting is carried out by the water nozzle. The booster spare parts need to withstand the high pressure inside the booster, so good high-pressure parts are also one of the main components for waterjet stability, so what are the spare parts for the waterjet booster?       

1、Water jet supercharger

Water jet supercharger

        The supercharger is a more complete spare part for water jet pressurization. High pressure is formed in the supercharger through the pressurization of the oil pump, and then high-pressure water is unidirectionally formed by the check valve. The supercharger is a very important part of the waterjet accessories, which affects the quality and efficiency of the entire waterjet, and is the core of the waterjet.

2、High Pressure Cylinder

High Pressure Cylinder

       The high-pressure cylinder is an important part of the supercharger. It is physically compressed to form ultra-high water pressure. At the same time, the high-pressure cylinder is also the first to bear the pressure. If the metal is fatigued for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the high-pressure cylinder. It is recommended to use imported high-pressure cylinders. Foreign forging standards enable the high-pressure cylinders to withstand higher pressures and are not easy to burst.

3、High-pressure ceramic rod

High-pressure ceramic rod

       Ceramic high-pressure rods have higher hardness than metal materials and are not easy to deform, making the work more stable. Ceramic poles are generally divided into domestic and imported ones. Imported ceramic poles are harder and smoother, more stable and durable.

4、Piston Assembly

Piston Assembly

        The piston rod is fixed at both ends of the piston, and the water is squeezed by the piston rod to form high pressure through the high pressure on both sides. The piston is in the most center of the pressure, so it needs high hardness and thickness to avoid extrusion deformation.

5、 Check Valve Body

Check Valve Body

       The check valve is a one-way valve that prevents the high-pressure water from flowing back. One end is connected to the high-pressure cylinder and the high-pressure pipe. Natural water enters the high-pressure cylinder to form high-pressure water and then enters the high-pressure pipe through the check valve and cannot return. It is recommended to use imported parts for check valves. Imported check valves are of high quality and can guarantee a long service life.

6、High Pressure Seal Assembly

High Pressure Seal Assembly

        The high-pressure sealing group fills the gap between the high-pressure accessories, preventing the formation of high pressure between the connections. At the same time, the high-pressure components are also under high pressure. They are easily damaged during movement, which greatly reduces the efficiency. Usually, they need to be replaced after a period of time. The high-pressure sealing group can work stably for a long time.

High-voltage spare parts group diagram

High-voltage spare parts group diagram

Attachment: schematic diagram of water jet pressurization

schematic diagram of water jet pressurization