What is a water jet cutter?

What is a water jet cutter? I believe many friends don't know. Today we mainly learn about the water jet cutter through the following contents.

 The water jet cutting machine consists of three parts:waterjet intensifier pump, CNC machining platform and waterjet cutting head.

 1. waterjet intensifier pump

As the power source of water jet cutter, the common technical scheme is that the supercharger driven by hydraulic motor generates ultra-high pressure water jet. The pressure of ordinary tap water is raised to tens to hundreds of MPa (1MPa is about 10bar), which is emitted through the beam nozzle and has extremely high kinetic energy.


2. CNC machining platform

CNC water jet cutter is mainly used to cut plane plates. The cutting platform adopts rolling linear guide rail and ball screw as the transmission. Under the precise control of NC program and control motor, the x-axis and y-axis move separately or two axes are linked to drive the cutting head to realize linear and arbitrary curve cutting.

CNC cutting platform has two mechanical structures: cantilever type and gantry type. Cantilever structure, small volume, simple structure and short stroke of x-axis and y-axis. It is most suitable for processing all kinds of complex small parts. Compared with the cantilever structure, the gantry structure has large volume and relatively complex structure. The stroke of x-axis and y-axis is long, which is most suitable for processing all kinds of complex large parts.

 Water jet CNC cutting platform is an extremely important part of water jet cutting machine. It is mainly composed of x-axis, Y-axis and z-axis transmission part, water tank part, cutting part, lubrication part and NC driving part. The transmission parts of x-axis, Y-axis and z-axis are mainly composed of guide rail platform, linear guide rail, bearing seat, ball screw, support nut and slider. The water tank part is composed of platform frame, water tank, grid strip and grid angle steel. The cutting part is composed of high-pressure pipe, water switch, cutter head and sand storage container. The lubrication part is composed of piston pump, oil filter and throttling distributor. The NC driving part is composed of x-axis Y-axis servo motor Z-axis stepping motor, synchronous wheel, synchronous belt, etc.

3. waterjet cutting head

The high-pressure pump can realize the cutting function only through the beam nozzle. The size of nozzle aperture determines the pressure and flow. At the same time, the nozzle also has the function of energy accumulation. There are two basic forms of jet cutting head: one is to complete pure water cutting, and the other is to complete abrasive cutting. The cutting head with abrasive cutting is composed of a pure water cutting head, an abrasive mixing chamber and a hard nozzle.

The water jet cutter head is cut along the x-axis direction through the connection of the connecting frame, the water cutter head is adjusted up and down along the z-axis direction through the connection of the connecting frame, and the x-axis beam drives the water cutter head to cut along the y-axis direction through the connection of the side supports at both ends (gantry type).


The application range of water jet is very wide, from metal materials to non-metallic materials, from natural materials to artificial materials, from food to daily necessities. The main application fields are:

 1. Ceramic, stone and other building materials processing.

2. Glass products processing, such as glass parts cutting, architectural decoration and craft glass in household electrical products.

3. Sheet metal cutting and blanking in machinery industry.

4. Signs and artistic pattern cutting in advertising industry.


Ultra high pressure water jet cutting machine can cut all kinds of thick and hard materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel, marble, alloy metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, tiles and all kinds of visible materials. The cutting accuracy of the workpiece is between 0.1mm and 0.25mm. Workpiece accuracy depends on machine accuracy, cutting workpiece size and thickness.


Use water jet cutter to cut various non-metallic substances, such as paper, diapers, glass, fiber, sponge, etc. After the ordinary water flow is pressurized by the supercharger, it produces a low-pressure water jet below 200MPa, which acts on an area less than 0.1mm, can reach about 915m per second, and can cut a large number of soft materials at one time.


The application scope of water jet cutting machine is very wide, from metal materials to non-metallic materials, from natural materials to artificial materials, from food to daily necessities. The main application fields are: 1. Processing of building materials such as ceramics and stone 2. Processing of glass products, such as cutting of glass parts in household appliances, building decoration, craft glass 3. Cutting and blanking of metal plates in machinery industry 4. Signs in advertising industry Art pattern cutting.


When the water jet cutter cuts small and thin objects, because the small and precise cut body is not conducive to fixation, it is easy to slip during cutting, and the water jet brick can stabilize it well, effectively assist the fixed position of the water jet nozzle, and prevent the cutting accuracy from being reduced due to the shaking of the nozzle. In order to ensure the quality of the workpiece, the water jet cutting machine will stop editing and disposal in advance, so that when cutting the shape of the workpiece, it can ensure higher dimensional accuracy and straighter cutting, so as to improve the cutting quality.