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In the field of waterjet cutting, many users want to improve the efficiency of waterjet cutting and increase production. Especially in mass production industries, such as automotive interior industry, food cutting industry, glass cutting industry and so on. Research on how to improve cutting efficiency, double cutting in the same time, the application of multiple cutter heads, and multiple intensifier pumps is born.


Waterjet cutting is divided into pure waterjet cutting and abrasive cutting, and the high-pressure pump can drive several cutter heads at the same time, which is closely related to whether it is pure water or abrasive, and the flow rate of the high-pressure pump.


The conventional high-pressure pump can drive 1-2 pure waterjet cutting heads. Therefore, if the customer wants to increase the production capacity of two cups, a standard WW5060 intensifier pump can meet customer needs.


If you want to add a cutting line, we can provide customers with a pump that drives 3 cutting heads at the same time. WW screamline SL-VI Pump, pure water 3 heads can be used for cutting automotive interior materials.


If you want to drive 6 cutting heads at the same time, Win-Win Sreamline Servo motor high pressure pump, can drive 1-6 cutting head together, and servo motor can save electricity cost. In this way, customers can cut 6 at the same time on the same platform. Artifact. If you want to add more cutter heads, the customer can also choose multiple intensifier pumps to drive more cutting heads to improve the overall cutting efficiency when the cutting pressure is required.


All in all, we can provide customers with reasonable solutions according to their needs.