Cutting treatment of glass products with water jet

Glass itself is a very fragile product, so traditional mechanical cutting is easy to damage it, resulting in a large number of materials being wasted. Even if it can be cut, the efficiency is relatively low, and difficult operations such as curve cutting and complex shape cutting cannot be realized. Since the traditional mechanical cutting has great limitations in glass cutting, it is to use water jet instead.

If the equipment used for cutting glass is replaced with a water jet, the effect will be displayed immediately. It can cut and process any geometric shape on the flat glass. The key is to ensure the cutting size, beautiful cutting shape, excellent cutting quality, etc. More importantly, there will be no heat generated in the process of water jet cutting glass, so it is safer and more environmentally friendly.

In addition to the cutting of flat glass, the water jet cutter can also complete the curve cutting and punching of glass, and there is no need for a mold. It is more flexible and convenient to operate, and will not cause damage to the glass. Some glasses are special, and there is glue in the middle of them, which brings certain difficulty to cutting.

Because there is a layer of plastic in the middle of the laminated glass, it is very difficult to cut. Diamond cutters have been used for cutting before, but it is difficult to align the cutting seams of the upper and lower glasses, so the laminated layer in the glass is not only difficult to cut, but also easy to cause shrinkage and deformation. Fortunately, we have a water jet cutter, which can successfully cut materials with such a complex structure, without deviation and without affecting the performance of the material.

In fact, not only in glass processing, the processing of other materials is also very easy for water knives. As long as the equipment and its parts are correctly selected and operated in strict accordance with the instructions, generally there will be no problems and the processing quality can be achieved.